Beautiful Fountain – Schöner Brunnen

In the Old Town of Nuremberg one of my beloved sights is the Beautiful Fountain at the Main Market Place. The medieval Fountain had been restored for quite a while recently, and a sunny day gives the opportunity to take some fresh photographs of it. Among fourty sculptures, in the first line we find the representatives of the seven liberal arts and philosophy:

  •  Donatus: Grammar
  •  Cicero: Rhetoric
  •  Aristoteles: Dialectic
  •  Nikomachus: Arithmetic
  •  Euklid: Geometry
  •  Ptolemaeus: Astronomy
  •  Pythagoras: Music
  •  Socrates: Philosophy.

Please click at anyone for the picture gallery:

Along with the restoration, not only the static of the fountain was secured and the colours have been refreshed, but also the well was set in function again. In medieval times, the fountain had an important role in water supply. In a transferred sense, the water well symbolizes the well of wisdom as it was and still may be found through philosophy.

If you ever come to see Nuremberg, take a look at the Beautiful Fountain. Blog followers are kindly invited to share a philosophical guided tour and their reflections.




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Bernd Arnold in Nürnberg

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